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If you or a loved one suffers a Serious Burn Injury call us today (530) 898-1111 for a free consultation with Burn Injury Lawyer James Gingrich. James is an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Chico, California. He will help you get proper treatment and care for your injury, and make sure you get maximum compensation for your case.

Serious burns are often caused by defective products, dangerous equipment and machinery, motor vehicle accidents, and in home and industrial accidents. In addition, serious burns can be caused by electrical accidents and chemicals. Burn injuries are among the most painful type of injury anyone can endure. They often require multiple surgeries, including plastic surgery, and the remaining scars can last a lifetime. Common types of Burn Injuries include:

• Thermal Burns from hot objects and flames
• Scalds from hot liquids
• Chemical Burns
• Burns caused by Fumes from Caustic Chemicals
• Explosions in Car Accidents
• Explosions in Construction Site Accidents
• Electrical Burns from Defective Products

If you or a loved one suffers a Serious Burn Injury call us today. Our experienced Burn Injury Lawyer will help you get necessary medical care and treatment for your injury. In addition, he will make sure you get full compensation for your injury and compensation for your future medical and rehabilitative needs.

James Gingrich handles all serious Burn Injury cases on a contingency fee contract, meaning that his Attorney fees are tied to the amount you receive. James advances all the costs for your case, and you owe him nothing unless you win a recovery. Call experienced burn injury lawyer James Gingrich today (530) 898-1111 to discuss how you should proceed if you or a loved one suffers a Serious Burn Injury.

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