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Theft Charges Attorney Chris Caraway
Theft Charges Attorney Chris Caraway

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If you’re arrested or charged with any theft crime call us immediately (530) 898-1111 to schedule a meeting with an experienced theft charges lawyer. We offer free consultations in our office, over the phone, or we can even come to you if necessary. There are several types of theft crimes:

Petty Theft

“Petty Theft” means taking property from a business (shoplifting) or another person with the intent to keep it. If the value of whatever you allegedly took is less than $50.00, and if you’ve never been convicted of a theft crime before, the Prosecutor handling your case has the discretion to charge you with an infraction instead of a misdemeanor. If you’re convicted of an infraction you face a fine and possibly community service; if you’re convicted of a misdemeanor you can be punished with a hefty fine and up to six months in jail. If the value of what you allegedly took is more than $950.00 you will likely be charged with Grand Theft.

Grand Theft

“Grand Theft” usually means that you allegedly took something worth more than $950.00, but you can also face Grand Theft charges if you take certain agricultural commodities; livestock; any automobile; or a firearm. Grand Theft can be punished either as a misdemeanor with up to one year in county jail, or as a felony with up to three years in State or County Prison in addition to hefty fines and fees.


“Robbery” is taking property from another person by using force or fear. An obvious example is pointing a gun at someone and taking their wallet. However, you can also be charged with robbery if you run out of a store with something you took and then struggle with a security guard to get a way. Robbery is a Strike in California and can be punished by imprisonment in the State prison for three to nine years, depending upon the circumstances of your case. Taking property from another person can also be charged as “Grand Theft Person” if the facts support that charge.


Burglary means entering a business or a home with the intent to commit a crime, usually with the intent to steal something. Burglary can be charged as a misdemeanor with up to one year in county jail, for example if you walk into a store with the intent to steal property worth less than $950.00. Burglary can also be charged as a felony if the value of what you allegedly took exceeds $950.00, or if you entered someone’s home. Residential Burglary (stealing from an occupied home) is a Strike in California and you will face up to six years in State Prison if you’re charged with burglarizing a home.


Embezzlement usually involves taking money or property while you have a position of trust or responsibility, for example if you’re a public official with access to public money or if you’re a bookkeeper with access to your employer’s accounts.

Experienced Theft Charges Lawyer

If you’re charged with any theft crime you should consult immediately with an experienced Theft Charges Lawyer to discuss the charges against you; your side of what happened; and any likely defenses you may have. If you may have committed a crime but haven’t been caught yet, for example if you embezzled money from an employer but they don’t know it yet, you should immediately consult with an Attorney to discuss your options. Call Today (530) 898-1111

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