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WARNING: You lose your 2nd Amendment Gun Rights if any Restraining Order is granted against you by a court

There are two common types of Restraining Orders in family law court – Civil Harassment Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence Restraining Orders.

Civil Harassment Restraining Orders

A Civil Harassment Restraining Order (CHRO) is a Court Order that restrains one person from doing something that may harm a protected person.  CHROs can prohibit a person from making threats of violence, stalking, or harassing the person seeking the court order. Anyone can request a CHRO against another person; you don’t have to have a relationship with each other. Anyone can petition a court for a Civil Harassment Restraining Order against any other person. For example, if the person you want to restrain is your friend, roommate, neighbor, or family member. In some cases, however, a Domestic Violence Restraining Order may be more appropriate.

Domestic Violence Restraining Order

A Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DVRO), also called a protection order, is a court order issued to protect people from domestic violence. DVROs are issued to restrain persons from engaging in certain actions that may harm a protected person. In California, a DVRO can order a restrained person not to contact you, to stay away from you physically, or to move out of your home, among other remedies.   If a DVRO is granted against you, the person who obtains the DVRO may be entitled to additional remedies. For example, the court may award custody of your children to the person seeking the DVRO, and may order you to pay Child Support or Spousal Support.

Seeking a Restraining Order

If you are in a situation where you believe a restraining order is necessary for your protection, it is important to petition the court to grant the order as soon as possible. You can also petition the court to issue a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) that goes into effect immediately while the hearing on the Restraining Order is pending.

Defending Against a Restraining order

If you believe that someone is seeking a restraining order against you, time is of the essence. Once the court has issued a restraining order against you, there will be severe consequences to your life, including loss of your gun rights.

Restraining Order Attorney Chase Medeiros

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