With the new year comes a host of new laws on the books affecting drivers in California. Effective as of January 1st, these new laws include changes to Section 23103.5 of the Vehicle Code, known as a “Wet Reckless” and typically the result of a reduced DUI charge. As of January 1st, anyone convicted of reckless driving under 23103.5 can apply for a restricted driver license prior to the completion of their one-year suspension, provided they meet certain conditions, including installing an Ignition Interlock Device in their vehicle.

Elsewhere in the vehicle code, section 23579 was added, which authorizes courts to revoke a driver’s license for 10 years if a person is convicted of three or more DUIs. These changes to the laws only highlight the need to, in the event of being charged with an DUI offense, to hire an experienced DUI Attorney. In many cases an attorney can argue for a lesser charge, such as the Wet Reckless mentioned above, or argue to reduce your case from a Felony DUI to a misdemeanor. If you are charged with having a prior DUI, these prior convictions can often be set aside or stricken for sentencing of purposes. And if the DA makes an unreasonable offer or won’t listen to your side if what happened, an experienced DUI lawyer will be able to fight your case in a jury trial to make sure you get your fair hearing.

See the list of new CA traffic laws for 2012 courtesy of the CHP here.