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If you are arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs (DUI), or any Criminal Offense, call an Experienced Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyer today. I’ve argued over 100 Jury Trials, in addition to negotiating favorable outcomes in thousands of DUI and Criminal cases in California Courts. Call my office today (530) 898-1111 to schedule a Free Consultation.

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We can meet in my office or talk on the phone, I can even come to you if necessary. We’ll discuss your charges, your side of what happened, and any witnesses and evidence against you. In addition, we’ll discuss the likely defenses and possible outcomes in your case. We’ll also discuss potential costs and fees, and whether we’ll need an investigator or an expert witness. Lastly, we’ll go over what you should expect in Court as your case proceeds.

I handle all of my cases personally from the initial interview through completion. Don’t settle for anything less. Many Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyers turn your case over to a beginning associate or paralegal as soon as you hire them. Make sure the Lawyer you hire will actually represent you in all stages of your case.

You should also avoid any Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyer or Law Firm who doesn’t have an office near where your case will be heard. They are usually Lawyer Referral Services. These companies charge you a huge fee, and then hand your case over to a local Lawyer with the lowest bid.

Additionally, avoid Lawyers who tell you you’re going to jail unless you hire them. Also watch out for any Lawyer who promises you a great result before they see your police report and the evidence against you. Too many Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyers will lie to you to get your business.

If you are not guilty, your Criminal and DUI Defense Lawyer must be able to fight your case in a Jury Trial. If you are guilty, then you will need aggressive representation to negotiate the best outcome in your case. Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyers who don’t do Jury Trials rarely get the same results as Lawyers who do.

I’ve been practicing Criminal and DUI defense since 1999 and I know how to successfully take a case to trial. Additionally, I’ve settled thousands of DUI and Criminal cases in California Courts. I will never make wild promises just to get your business, and I won’t drop you half-way through your case like some Lawyers.  Call today (530) 898-1111 and schedule a free consultation with an experienced Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyer.

Curriculum Vitae:
2010 to Present: The Law Office of Michael Erpino
2006-2010 – Associate with “The DUI King” Joe VanDervoort
1999-2005 – Trial Lawyer Los Angeles Co Public Defender
1997 Juris Doctorate Southwestern University, SCALE
1995 Master of Arts – CSU Chico
1991 Bachelor of Arts – CSU Los Angeles

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