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Asset Forfeiture Attorney Nicole Reimer

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When charged with a crime, an individual may not just be facing pending criminal charges, but also the possibility of a Civil Asset Forfeiture proceeding. This is where the government seizes an individual’s property that they claim was used in criminal activity or purchased with funds derived from criminal activity.

Upon receiving notice of a pending Asset Forfeiture case, an individual has strict and short deadlines they must meet in order to protect their rights to their property, so it is important to act quickly. These deadlines include filing a claim opposing forfeiture, responding to discovery requests, requesting discovery from the district attorney, and attending hearings.

Types of Asset Forfeiture Cases

Asset forfeiture cases are broken into two categories: Administrative Asset Forfeiture proceedings and Judicial Asset Forfeiture proceedings. The type of asset forfeiture proceeding an individual is facing depends on the value and type of assets that are subject to forfeiture, and each have different requirements in order to protect an individual’s property rights.

• If your property that is subject to asset forfeiture is real property or personal property worth more than $40,000, then the forfeiture must be litigated in court, and the prosecutor must establish their case for forfeiture, even if you fail to meet your filing deadlines

• If your property that is subject to asset forfeiture is personal property worth $25,000 or less and you fail to file a Claim Opposing Forfeiture within 30 calendar days of receiving notice of the forfeiture, then the prosecutor can transfer title of your property to the state without proving it is entitled to the property and simply by declaring your property forfeited

Asset Forfeiture Timelines

It is very important that you meet your filing deadlines to avoid losing title to your property to the state. If you have received a Notice Of Forfeiture, ACT NOW to protect your rights! Asset Forfeiture Attorney Nicole Reimer is knowledgeable in civil asset forfeiture proceedings and will take the time to ensure your case is handled correctly. She handles all of her cases herself and always updates her clients so they know what is happening with their case. Call (530) 898-1111 for a free consultation today.

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