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Chico Wills & Trusts Attorney Nicole Reimer

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Having the proper Estate Planning documents, whether a will, a trust, or both, will prevent an individual from dying intestate. Dying intestate means that a person’s possession are distributed according to State Law, not necessarily how the person wanted it done. By creating a will, trust, or both, an individual can determine how their property and possessions will be inherited and by whom.

Estate Planning: Wills

There are several types of wills that can be drafted for an individual, from a testamentary will that will stand alone and state how an individual’s possessions will be inherited after their death, to a pour over will that will place their possessions into a trust for inheritance. When an individual has a will, their property will be inherited by their loved ones through a probate process.

Estate Planning: Trusts

An individual’s property can be inherited absent a probate process if their possessions are properly placed into a trust. This is desirable to many individuals, because probate can be a lengthy and costly process, whereas trust administration is often much faster and cheaper. When choosing how to set up one’s estate plan, an individual can avoid or reduce many costly federal estate taxes by setting up an exemption trust, a disclaimer trust, or a bypass trust.

Updating And Revoking Your Will Or Trust

An individual will want to review their estate plan regularly to determine if their will or trust needs to be updated and amended. Many life events will trigger the need to update an individual’s will or trust, including marriage, divorce, birth of a family member, death of a family member, or the purchase of a new home among other major life events.

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