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What is a Warrant?
There are several types of warrants. A “Search Warrant” authorizes law enforcement to search your home, vehicle, property, or your person. An “Arrest Warrant” means law enforcement is authorized to arrest you for an alleged crime. A “Bench Warrant” is issued by a Judge, usually because you missed a Court date or you violated a previous Court order. If you are presented with a Search Warrant there is very little that an Attorney can do to stop law enforcement. However, we may be able to challenge the warrant in court if a case is filed against you using evidence obtained during the search.

What if There is a Warrant for My Arrest?
If you have an Arrest Warrant you should deal with it immediately. Call us at (530) 898-1111 to schedule a free consultation. Your options include surrendering yourself to the agency holding the warrant, or hiring a Recall Arrest Warrant Lawyer to file a Motion to Recall the Warrant. If you surrender yourself, you could be taken into custody and held until law enforcement is able to bring you before a Judge. If you do not deal with the warrant you can be arrested at any time by any law enforcement agent who is authorized to do so. Ignoring a warrant for your arrest is never a good option.

Why Hire a Recall Arrest Warrant Lawyer?
A Defense Lawyer can help you figure out why the warrant issued in the first place. Sometimes Judges or Law Enforcement issue Warrants without bothering to tell you. In many cases you never receive a ticket or any other notice to appear in court, nor are you informed that charges have been filed against you. In some cases you may not be aware that a criminal investigation against you was under way. If you have Warrant hire a recall arrest warrant Lawyer. Your lawyer can file a Motion to Recall the Warrant without you having to go into custody first.

Felony Warrants
In most cases, if you hire an Attorney to deal with an existing warrant for your arrest on Felony charges, you must appear in Court with your Lawyer on the Court date set to hear the Motion to Recall the Warrant. If the Judge agrees to recall the warrant you might still be required to post bail to remain out of custody. Conversely, the Judge may agree to release you on “your own recognizance,” also called an “O/R Release”. That is essentially a release without posting bail and secured only by your promise to return to Court when ordered.

Misdemeanor Warrants
If your case is a misdemeanor your Lawyer can usually file a Motion to Recall the Warrant and then appear for you in Court. In most cases, you will not have to appear unless the Judge orders you to be present, or if the Judge requires your presence to impose sentence or serve you with new orders.

Recall Arrest Warrant Lawyer
If you have a Warrant out for your arrest in Butte, Glenn, Tehama, Yuba, Sutter, or Colusa Counties, call (530) 898-1111 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation. If you do not deal with the Warrant, you can be taken into custody at any time by law enforcement. Additionally, a Warrant could effect your ability to get a driver’s license, a job, or to travel. Don’t wait to be picked up by law enforcement, deal it with it today.

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